editor + colorist + photographer + designer


Short Film / Video Installation

I worked with Invisible Light Network to create the Arctic Chase video for the Barney's 2015 holiday windows. Arctic Chase mixes classic anime, CG, and glitch into an insane race through an arctic world. Daredevil penguins, Low G racers with anger management issues, monster race announcers, robot submarine captains, cyborg Yeti – and more – crowd into a wild race that threads through futuristic cities, ice caverns, and under the frozen sea.

Arctic Chase is one component to a larger display, featuring a slot-car track designed by Gary Gerding and 3-D-printed cars by Lexus covered in Swarovski crystals, all set to a custom score by composer Amnon Freidlin.

Client: Barney's + Lexus
Elliot Kealoha Blanchard
Production Company:
Invisible Light Network
Concept Art / Design / Illustration:
Tom Lintern, Elliot Kealoha Blanchard
Daniel Semanas, Paulo Stoker, Lucas Fiacadori, Csaba Bárdos, Quentin Cordonnier, Mehdi Aouchaoui, Rene Alexa, Shenira, Elliot Kealoha Blanchard
Music and Sound Design:
Amnon Freidlin
Ryan Powell
Debi Hammack
Year: 2015