editor + colorist + photographer + designer



I worked with The Collective @ LAIR to shoot and edit this cross-branded promo for DIRECTV and History's series The Men Who Built America. Using miniature sets, archival footage, stop motion animation, high speed cameras, and actors on green screen, we were able to tell the evolution of motion pictures from Thomas Edison's Kinetoscope to modern high-speed, high frame rate film production.

Client: History & DIRECTV
Agency: A+E Television Network
Director: Thor Raxlen
Producer: Theresa Loguercio
Agency Producer: Chris Hoehn
Art Director: Brian Haimes
Camera Animation: Ryan Powell
Phantom Tech/Operator: Ryan Powell
Stop Motion Animator: Brian Haimes
Compositor: Brian Haimes
Miniature Fabricators: Mike Pappa, Taylor Jordan, Melissa Chow, Sal Denaro, Brian Haimes
3D: Steve Sullivan
Editor: Ryan Powell
Year: 2012